Late-Term Abortion Facility in Bethesda is Now Illegal

In a win for pro-life advocates against late-term abortions, a Bethesda, Maryland abortion facility run by Leroy Carhart has been deemed illegal, and all abortions that were scheduled for October 17, 2017 have been cancelled.

Pro-life advocates have been fighting in Maryland against conditions they believe are cruel to unborn fetuses for quite some time leading up to this ruling. Carhart ran Germantown Reproductive Health Services, until the Maryland Coalition for Life purchased the building, effectively shutting down the business. It has been reported that Germantown Reproductive Health Services performed abortions on women who were up to nine months pregnant.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of the Coalition for Life’s battle against Carhart. He opened a new business in Bethesda, but protesters outside the building got Carhart to cancel abortions for the day. Carhart is not properly licensed to complete late term abortions in Bethesda, despite advertising these services for the new location.

Operation Rescue is using every resource possible to try to take down Carhart and his barbaric abortion practices. In a newly filed complaint against, Inc., Carhart’s new business, Operation Rescue alleges that Carhart’s practices are illegal and he should be stopped.

Troy Newman is the President of Operation Rescue, and he believes that Carhart’s practices are so outrageous that he should be banned from practicing medicine completely in the state of Maryland. He alleges in the complaint that Carhart was sneaky and got caught, having little regard for the laws that protect unborn babies and pregnant mothers.

Pro-life advocates have plenty of reasons to be upset with Carhart. While he was performing late-term abortions, more than ten women were rushed to a nearby emergency room because of life-threatening complications due to shoddy procedures. A 29-year-old woman, Jennifer Morbelli, died after her visit to Carhart’s facility.

Three weeks after getting shut down in Germantown, Carhart was already back to providing late term abortions in Bethesda.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart began his Bethesda facility in 2010, where he would perform abortions on women throughout all nine months of their pregnancy. Prior to this, he was performing abortions in Omaha, Nebraska, until laws were passed that limited abortions to the first twenty weeks of pregnancy.

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