Chinese Children are Reporting Their Parents Because They Are Being Careless About the Outbreak

Coronavirus is the hushed word of the decade, and with 4,559 confirmed cases and 106 people deceased, it is impossible not to feel a certain dread in the wake of it. From one food market to global panic, the outbreak started in Wuhan, and slowly but surely, it is spreading to the rest of the world.

However, people’s reactions are diverse, to say the least. While some are never taking off their face masks, the others seem to be following the philosophy of leaving everything to dumb luck. And those people have turned out to be the ones who are most at risk.

While your parents might get all fussy about your sweaty back after a sports session, they can be kind of reckless when it comes to their life choices. Chinese millennials are going crazy over their family and older relatives who are refusing to take the epidemic seriously.

According to the Sichuan Observer, a local woman called the cops on her parents after they went out to a teahouse to gamble. However, gambling was not the problem. These establishments were ordered to cease operations to limit the spread of the coronavirus, and it is forbidden to leave your house during the critical period. When these warnings were left unheard, the woman decided to take the matters into her hands by calling the police.

People had a lot of things to say about this of course. Young people shared their concerns over the Chinese microblogging website Weibo while commenting on Sichuan Observer’s news.

This person had a fair point: “Children are more sensible than their parents.”

Source: Weibo

This user and their parent seem to have reversed their roles. “I didn’t allow my dad to go out to play cards, and now he is angry and locked himself in his room, not eating or drinking for almost a day. It’s very difficult.”

Source: Weibo

More millennials seem to be getting on the snitching-train: “How can I report? How do I report it?! My dad went out to play Mahjong too!”

Source: Weibo

It seems like old people seem to can’t get over the spell of a good Mahjong game.

And this user apparently had to get creative in order to stop their mother from leaving the house without a mask-on: “I can’t make them wear face masks anymore. In order to stop my mother from getting out, I racked my brain and this is it, bicycle locks are easy to use.”

Source: Weibo

While these measures look absurd, it is certain that they come from a place of love. However, it is certain that Chinese people should take measures against the virus in no time. Since this method seems to keep the reckless parents at bay, keep snitching, kids!

*story by Interesting Engineering