Constitutional law expert flips the script on Democrats, explains their impeachment sins

Constitutional law expert Randy Barnett flipped the script on Democrats in a recent interview with Mark Levin on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin,” explaining the House clearly “misbehaved” in pursuing President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

According to Barnett, House Democrats are guilty of a charge they impeached the president for: abuse of power.

“The legislature can abuse power. That is one of the reasons we have judicial review — to ensure that the legislature has not exceeded its proper powers — as it did, for example, when it passed the Affordable Care Act pursuant to its Commerce Clause power,” Barnett explained.

In fact, Barnett said the Senate’s vote to acquit Trump was essentially a power check on House Democrats, who he said had “clearly misbehaved” and “abused their impeachment power.”

Democrats abused their power by ramming through their allegations of wrongdoing against the president, while attempting to block Trump’s defense efforts — then characterizing Trump’s defense measures as further abuses of power.

“If [Democrats] were so confident in the merit of their case, they should not have been afraid of due process,” Barnett said. “The fact that they ran from the adversary system in the House indicates that they felt they would only survive, they would only get the finish line … by denying the White House, denying the president of the United States his opportunity to [defend himself].”

*story by The Blaze