Maryland library cancels lesbian pole dancer’s sex-ed classes for teens

LEONARDTOWN, Maryland (LifeSiteNews) — Citizens voiced their concerns to St. Mary’s County commissioners on Tuesday night regarding a sex-ed class for minors without parental consent to be taught by a lesbian prostitution advocate in publicly-funded libraries.

The public forum lasted more than three hours, with men and women imploring civic leaders to do all they can to “restore good, wholesome, moral family values again.”

The classes for children ages 12-17 without parents present were canceled.

Lexington Park Library director Michael Blackwell apologized to attendees for making the “mistake” of scheduling the sex-ed class and said he hopes residents will forgive him. Rev. Larry Crabtree of Seek and Ye Shall Find Bible Church vouched for Blackwell’s sincerity.

“It truly was something to behold,” Georgia Kijesky, the homeschooling mother who rallied concerned citizens to call their local libraries, told LifeSiteNews. “Witnessing so many coming together and hearing the sincerity in their pleas made me so very, very proud to be a St. Mary’s County resident.”

Deacon Eamon Ripple of St. John Francis Regis parish in Hollywood, Maryland, gave an impassioned plea to “restore sex as a life-giving sacrament of matrimony instead of reducing it down to a recreational activity bringing harm to our children.”

St. John Francis Regis youth minister Rich Olon exposed lesbian instructor Bianca Palmisano’s bias toward “homosexual education” and transgenderism.

Palmisano was a keynote speaker at the 2013 “Slutwalk.” Olon pointed out that during her speech Palmisano promoted a sex toy shop where she said “polyamorous leather dykes could hang out with kinky bisexuals and couples and compare notes with lifelong swingers, and still welcome those just beginning to explore their sexuality.”

Palmisano added in her “Slutwalk” keynote address, “We host workshops twice a month, bringing in speakers from across the country to share their expertise on everything from blowjobs to threesomes to rough sex.”

Palmisano supporters also spoke at the public forum, calling objections to the sex-ed classes “censorship” and parents “homophobic.” They claimed the public favored the classes and chided county commissioners for caving to pressure.

“Much of the opposition stems from the feeling that an agenda was being pushed in the choice of such a radical liberal extremist to teach, or ‘groom,’ our children on sex,” Olon explained in a letter to the editor of a local paper. “She describes herself on her website as a ‘sex educator, vivacious queer, feminist … ‘ She provides seminars on bondage, sadism and masochism. She is an LGBT activist, a promoter of the legalization of prostitution, and a self-described ‘pole dancer.'”

“Do we really want someone who wears the title ‘Slut’ like a badge of honor teaching children about sex?” asked Olon, who also heads up religious education for the parish. “Should someone who believes that violence has a place in sex be charged with educating our children on sex?”

“I watched her proposed presentation on Periscope.TV — the one she would have given to our children as young as 12,” the youth minister wrote. “She discusses or mentions anal play, sex toys, gender transitions, sex ‘work,’ and consent while intoxicated. What parent would want their 12-year-old exposed to this ‘information?’”

“If Ms. Palmisano was an expert, she would understand that 12-year-olds and 17-year-olds should not be lumped together in the same sex-ed talk,” Olon continued.

“In Waldorf, her own flyer stated that her talk was for 12-18 year-olds. Eighteen-year-olds are recognized as adults, yet she would include a 12-year-old girl and an 18-year-old man in the same conversation about sex? That decision alone argues against expertise in this area.”

“No one was requiring parental consent for children as young as 12 to attend this talk — not the library and not Ms. Palmisano,” Olon charged. “Additionally, the library advertised in the County Times that ‘Safer Sex Kits,’ which were to include lubricants, would be available to those in attendance — yes, including the 12-year-olds.”