Thomas Robb earned his Bachelor of Theology and Doctor of Theology degree from the Rocky Mountain Kingdom Bible College. He is the pastor of the Christian Revival Center and National Director of The Knights Party.  He has been a political activist for over 45 years and has been the subject of many newspaper and television reports from around the world.





Rachel Pendergraft has been the subject of countless news articles and television news reports. She is national organizer for The Knights Party and has helped organize countless rallies around the country. She is Associate Editor of The Crusader and is a published author. Mrs. Pendergraft has 30 years of experience as a political activist and has frequently lectured in the D.C. area on behalf of the White Christian cause upon a platform of free speech and law and order.






Paul Fromm earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English Language and Literature from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto.

Paul did post graduate work at Webster College in St. Louis, Missouri and Waterloo University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He spent 25 years as an instructor in the Ontario, Canada public school system. He is the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression and a longtime advocate for free speech. He is widely traveled and lectures at events throughout the United States and Canada.



Jason Robb is an attorney practicing in Arkansas for over fifteen years. He is a long time member of the Arkansas Bar Association. He is a dedicated husband, and father to 4 wonderful children. His purpose in life is securing the future for his children and preserving their heritage for generations to come.

 Tommy Freedom has been in the broadcasting industry since 2000, appearing on almost a dozen radio shows as a guest, host or co-host. This is his second show as the main host, and this promises to be the most varied show thus far. Politics, drama, current events, humor and even the unexplained; Tommy will deliver a wide range of topics for you.

Tommy is a huge Second Amendment guy and a staunch supporter of the freedoms, liberties and principles upon which this nation was founded. He is also an avid hunter, target shooter and prepper.

Contact Tommy at: with comments or questions.



Robert Wesley (SCOTCH) Templeton
Raised on a small farm in Southern Indiana
Son of a Coal Miner
U.S.M.C. Veteran

Attended Indiana State University, The same school Larry Bird attended; John Wooden coached at, and Burl Ives went to. He likes to tell people that he taught Larry Bird, and John Wooden everything they know about basketball, and he also taught Burl Ives how to sing. So far no one believes him.

He has been a talk-show-host. Owned two Health Food Stores, Was a vitamin representative, Sold advertising and business systems.

He got interested in the monetary system many years ago when he realized that his bank was loaning out more money than it had coming in. He couldn’t figure out where his bank, or any bank, was getting all that money it was making loans with.

At one time, back in the 80’s, the Libertarian party drafted him to run for Governor of the state of Florida. As soon as he was drafted, he called all his friends, and asked them for support. Unfortunately neither one of them was a registered voter.

He now lives, with his lovely wife Norma in Southern Florida, where he does a little bit of substitute school teaching; and he is still hoping this country’s monetary system can be changed for the benefit of all people instead of just the select few, which it is now serving. He and Norma will travel at anytime and go anywhere, in the United States, or Canada, in order to give his talks on money.



Muriel Robb has dedicated her life to the future of her children, grand children, and children yet unborn. She was born in the upper UP of Michigan and spent some time there as a teen, but most of her youth was spent in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California where her father worked for the Dept. of Interior. After living for a short time in Los Angeles, she attended the SOTC College outside of Denver, Colorado where she met her husband, Thomas Robb who was studying for the ministry at the same college. After spending several years in Tucson, Arizona they decided to move their young family to the Ozark Mts. ahead of the Mexican invasion.

Mrs. Robb has spent her life working along side her husband to awaken her people and inspire them to love their heritage. Through many toils and hardships she has never wavered from her duty.