American Heritage
  1. The Rustbelt Klansman: Apr. 19. 21 1:26:42
  2. Freedom Rings: Show 357, Spring Break, Rock Hill and PCRs Tommy Freedom 30:00
  3. PAUL FROMM, THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME, April 12, 2021 1:00:12
  4. The Rustbelt Klansman: Apr. 17. 21 1:41:27
  5. Freedom Rings: Show 356, Replay of Show 236 Tommy Freedom 30:00
  6. PAUL FROMM, THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME, April 11, 2021 59:22
  7. The Rustbelt Klansman: Apr. 15. 21 1:25:31
  8. Freedom Rings: Show 355, Trans, Braindead Biden and HR1 Tommy Freedom 30:00
  9. PAUL FROMM, THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME, April 9, 2021 1:00:07
  10. The Rustbelt Klansman: Apr. 13. 21 1:26:58
  11. Freedom Rings: Show 354, CO Shooting, Store Owner Jailed and 0 GPA Tommy Freedom 30:00
  12. PAUL FROMM, THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME, April 8, 2021 59:23
  13. The Rustbelt Klansman: Apr. 9. 21 1:15:47
  14. Freedom Rings: Show 352, CA and NY to Seize Private Property and Climate Hoax Tommy Freedom 30:00
  15. PAUL FROMM, THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME, April 4, 2021 1:00:08
  16. The Rustbelt Klansman: Apr. 7. 21 1:37:51
  17. Freedom Rings: Covid Bill, July 4th and Integrity Tommy Freedom 30:00
  18. PAUL FROMM, THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME, April 5, 2021 59:40
  19. How the Fed Reserve Undermines America 27:34
  20. A Real and Present Danger 33:09
  21. christianshouldbeangry 42:11
  22. Audio The Common People Heard HIm Gladly 33:05
  23. Word of Truth: Sermon by Thom Robb: Satan Battles Us for his Own Kingdom 40:12
  24. Word of Truth - Make America Repent Again 50:12
  25. Stories With Grandma 100 15:00
  26. Word of Truth Dont be a Token Christian 47:33
  27. praise music one hour block 1:00:00
  28. 18sec-Just Say No 0:18
  29. 30 minute block praise music 29:59
  30. 44 Sec. What is Liberty. Freedom Forum Commercial 0:44


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BLM Cofounder: Nuclear Family for Me, Not for Thee

April 20, 2021

One of the cofounders of Black Lives Matter, a movement that wants to end the nuclear family, said she bought millions of dollars of property to look out for her family. Patrisse Cullors, a self-described Marxist who […]

American Heritage

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October 11, 2020


We are Pro-America, Pro-Family, Pro-Law and Order and Devoutly Christian. We support Western Christian Civilization and are opposed to the destruction of family and free enterprise. We support the U.S. Constitution as it was intended by our founders and acknowledge that this nation was founded upon Christian values for the white posterity.

We oppose white genocide and we understand anti-Christs and anti-whites wish to undermine our heritage and the future of our people. We do not hate other races and believe in ethnic sovereignty and civility toward others. We are motivated by love for our people not hatred.

We encourage you to consider what kind of future our people will have and your Christian responsibility to work toward the protection of future generations.