Alt-Right TV media website was founded on August 27, 2016 as an outreach of The Knights Party; America’s foremost white patriot organization. The Alt-Right or Alternative Right is not a single organization or group, but rather the outgrowth of concerned white people around the world. It has come under the umbrella of various terms in the past decades; white separatists, identists, populists, white patriots, and white nationalists. It refers to white men and women of all economic, educational and social backgrounds. Not all issues are agreed upon. However, all agree that the genocide of white people is a real possibility and must not be allowed to happen.

Neither Liberal nor Conservative, Republican nor Democrat, we seek the best for our people who are facing a future of possible genocide. We are in the pursuit of Liberty and Justice and a restoration of Western Christian Civilization. We support sovereignty for all nations and a policy of self-determination for all racial groups. We are opposed to nation building and the international financial web that has all nations in its grips. We strive not just to save the white family, but rather we recognize that strong white Christian families are the cornerstone of our cause! Therefore this website will strive to perpetuate noble character, family values, and civilized conduct; because the path taken CAN determine victory or defeat.

Alt-Right TV brings current news of interest to white men, women, and families. Furthermore, it is home to White Resistance News, a video news program hosted by Thomas Robb and Rachel Pendergraft five days a week. Robb and Pendergraft began video broadcasting on the web in 1998, three years after launching one of the very first white nationalist websites (1995). Wake up America Bible Study, with hosts Thomas Robb, attorney Jason Robb, and Rachel Pendergraft, was launched in July of 2016. It is a non-denominational study that centers around loving God and loving our people.

Alt-Right TV also hosts KKKRadio / WhitePride Radio (founded 2012) with daily programming that is family friendly. We don’t believe we must hate others in order to promote our cause. We oppose the sensationalism and virulent language that unfortunately can be found on some sites that speak of saving white people. White people can only be helped by encouraging them to rise to a higher standard in character, thought, speech, deed, and motivation. A truly great people cannot be cut asunder. Therefore, it is our goal to raise a standard in the land and call our people to a life of nobility. The highest act of nobility is to love and fight for the survival of your people.


Love is our message!