College Students want Freedom of Choice for Liberals and Muslims but NOT Christians

Defending Freedom (ADF) is doing their very best to defend out Constitution by using reason, logic, and truth to teach the next generation to think for themselves. A new video that they recently produced shows the ADF asking some very easy questions of some supposedly intelligent college students, and their answers may surprise you.

The ADF traveled to the University of Wisconsin in Madison and asked a few of their best and brightest about what they thought about people being able to exercise their freedom of conscience. The students all thought that a clothing designer in New York City should be able to refuse to make a dress for someone whose political beliefs are different from theirs, they all thought that a Muslim artist shouldn’t be forced to perform for a Christian audience,

BUT… none of them seemed to think that a Christian photographer should be allowed to decline service for a homosexual wedding! While they thought Christians should be forced to work for a gay wedding, they couldn’t quite figure out how that made logical sense.

Watch and then share the insanity with your friends: