‘Dear White People’ Signs at College Declare ‘Black People Can’t Be Racist,’ Decry Whites

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

A number of “Dear White People” signs were posted on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, Thursday that decry and criticize white people.

One read, “Dear White People… Black people can’t be racist. Prejudice [sic], yes, but not racist. Racism describes a system of disadvantage based on race. Black people can’t be racist since we don’t stand to benefit from such a system.”

Others read, “Dear White People… There is no such thing as ‘colorblind.’ You are perpetuation racism and white supremacy.”


The sign postings were a project by the school’s Union Activities Board for “Diversity Education Week.” A “special message” from the group’s president noted that the signs were quotations from the 2014 movie “Dear White People.”