Little Girl Suspended for Toy “Stick” Gun

A little girl in North Carolina has been suspended after she found a stick that resembled a gun and decided to play with it.

WTVD reports:

Hoke County Schools said Caitlin posed a threat to other students when she made a shooting motion, thus violating policy 4331.

“Hoke County Schools will not tolerate assaults, threats or harassment from any student. Any student engaging in such behavior will be removed from the classroom or school environment for as long as is necessary to provide a safe and orderly environment for learning,” the school system says.

Her mother Brandy posted the letter she received from J.W. McLauchlin Elementary School, describing the suspension as a result of her daughter “Turning a stick into a gun and threating [sic] to shoot and kill other students.”

Caitlin’s father serves in the Army, according to The Washington Post,  Caitlin’s dad serves in the military.

The Millers are now considering homeschooling Caitlin.