Elizabeth Warren Attacks Ivanka Trump

If Ivanka Trump was a Democrat and Sen. Pocahontas Warren a Republican, the liberals would be screaming that Warren was anti-Semitic for her ad hominem attack on Ivanka Trump. But the liberals would never accuse her of anything, they even ignore her faking a Native-American background to get into Harvard. Pocahontas is a favorite of the radical left that runs the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump’s presidency has been unorthodox through the first few months, but with astounding results to match, few are complaining. Except, of course, those who love the fake-Pocahontas, those who just happen to reside on the left side of American politics, spurred on by their leadership’s appalling lack of decorum in the wake of Trump’s resounding victory and the subsequent shaming of career corruption artist Hillary Clinton.  Now that Trump has brought daughter Ivanka on board to assist in…