TBS Show “The Detour” ( co-created by Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee) Christians are Child Molesters who Believe in Fairy Tales

Last week’s episode of TBS’s The Detour might have poked fun at liberals, but this week the joke is on us. And it was far from funny.

April 4’s episode, “The Job,” was filled with utter contempt and intolerance towards Christianity. The first hint of trouble came when main characters Nate (Jason Jones) and Robin (Natalie Zea) Parker are having difficulty hailing a taxi and Nate turns to silently pray about it.

Robin: Hey! Hey! Hey, then turn your light off if somebody’s in there! God. I’m gonna be late for SoulCycle.

Nate: It’s gonna be okay.

Robin: It’s Amanda K. She’s the only one who plays the trop deep house I like.

Nate: Then take Amanda J.’s class. -Amanda J.? Amanda J. Just plays regular deep house. Okay.

Robin: What are you doing? Are you praying? Hey.

Nate: Hm?

Robin: Are you praying?

Nate: No. It looked…

Robin: It looked like you were praying.

Nate: Why would I do that?

Robin: I don’t know. But if you weren’t doing that, what were you doing?

Nate: I was just having a little faith that a cab will come along and, uh, you know, putting some good vibes out there.

Robin: To whom?

Nate: To anyone who’s listening. I don’t know. The universe.

Robin: Nobody’s listening.

Nate: Okay. Sure. Ah.

Robin: What? Oh, ’cause you … That was luck.

Nate: All right. Call it what you want.

Robin: I’m gonna call it luck.

Nate: Faith, luck — same thing.

Robin: Oh, is it the same thing? Hold on just a second. Last I checked, wars aren’t fought in the name of luck.

Nate: Okay.

Robin: Children aren’t abused because of luck. And I’m quite certain there’s no such thing as organized luck.

Nate: Okay. Have fun in Amanda J.’s class.

Robin: Yeah, it’s Amanda K.

Nate: Okay. Hey, can’t you just be appreciative of how great our life is right now? Three months ago, we were living in a trailer. You know what I did?

Robin: You got a job.

Nate: Yes, I know. But before that I…

Robin: Don’t you say it.

Nate: I prayed. I prayed, and someone answered that prayer. Someone’s listening.

Robin: Did God set you up on Linkedin?

Nate: No, but I’m pretty sure I’m the first person who’s ever been hired by it. Okay? That’s a miracle.

Robin: That’s probably true. Bye.

Nate: I’m praying for you.

Robin: Please don’t.


And children being abused because of religion? Wow. Talk about a low blow. There are certainly sick people in the world who abuse their power in every walk of life. But to claim child abuse happens because of religion? That’s not even close to the truth.

But the show gets even worse. So much worse.

When Nate arrives at work to find the business has gone bankrupt, he begins to pray. His boss asks, “What the hell are you doing, Son? Hm? You’re not praying, are you? I thought I hired a thinking man, not some child who still believes in fairy tales. Come on, grow up.”

Nate decides to approach a “very promising lead” who is the head of a Christian church to get him to save the company. It’s a very, very odd Christian church. One like I have never seen in my more than 40 years of being a Christian.

Nate brings Robin and their two kids to the church, run by Australians Levi and Laura, and begs them “not to judge.” Laura greets Nate with a long, inappropriate kiss on the lips when they arrive. Levi tries to do the same with Robin but she pushes him away.

Meanwhile, the Parker’s kids are actually enjoying interacting with the church’s youth group while the adults talk business, but it’s made clear that they’re being brainwashed by “tricks” the church is using to lure them in.


Yes. That just happened. And apparently, even though Robin is rabidly liberal, she couldn’t even be moved by the pro-abortion, pro-gay, and yes, even anti-Christian (oddly enough) message in the rap song.

I’d like to say it ends there, but there are more awkward, long kisses on the mouth from the five daughters to Nate, more strange “tricks” that we Christians apparently play on others to woo them, accusations that Christians are pedophiles, and … well, you get the idea by now.

By Dawn Slusher at News Busters