Possible Hate Crime Leaves Man Bloodied at Gas Pump

WTVR: An attack at a gas station off Interstate 95 in Central Virginia left one man bloodied, his boat and Porsche damaged, and a New Jersey woman under investigation for a possible hate crime.


Bob, who asked his last name not be published, and his wife had stopped at the gas station while driving back home from Florida to Massachusetts.


Bob said while he was pumping gas, a woman started screaming at him.


He said he attempted to ignore her, but she eventually threatened to put a hole in his “fancy boat.”

That’s when, Bob said, the woman grabbed a hammer.

“She actually took a hammer and she hit his vehicle and the boat,” Sheriff Lippa said. “She actually clawed him. He took her down to the ground to prevent her from doing any more damage.”

Bob’s wife, who was in the gas station bathroom during the attack, returned to find her bloodied husband.

“There were some racial slurs directed at her [Bob’s wife], at which time the accused spit in [Bob’s wife’s] face,” Sheriff Lippa said. “According to the victim, there were racial slurs that were yelled at [Bob’s wife] before [Jones] spit at her and that’s what we’re looking into as far as it being a hate crime.”

During the attack, the couple said the woman said she was “sick of fancy white people.”