ON CAPITOL HILL: First Liberty Testifies About Hostility Against Religious Students

First Liberty’s Ken Klukowski exposes hostility to religion on campuses before House subcommittee, and proposes remedies available to the Congress to restore basic rights.

Will this be the generation where free speech dies, especially free religious speech?

Recently, faith-based groups have been banned from campuses after refusing to change their rules to allow those of no faith to hold offices in the club.

And speakers from Jewish backgrounds have been shouted down or had lectures canceled. One professor—a liberal who infuriated campus radicals because she dared to invite a conservative sociologist to give a speech—was sent to the hospital after being injured in an out-of-control demonstration.

Can freedom survive such blows?

That was the question put on the table Tuesday in a hearing by the U.S. House of Representatives. The location was the House Rayburn Office Building, where a concerned panel of both Republican and Democratic members convened the “Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice” of the House Judiciary Committee.

Ken Klukowski, Senior Counsel and Director of Strategic Affairs for First Liberty Institute, was one of four distinguished panelists called by the subcommittee to respond to the shocking wave of speech suppression on university campuses, including suppression of people of faith.