New York Times Says McDonald’s ‘Asian Salad’ Is Racist

McDonald’s Value Menu may not be the most sophisticated culinary offering in America. But that is not the reason for the New York Times recent hit-piece on the golden arches. More than just a vendor of tasteless food, McDonald’s also apparently promotes racism with its new “Asian Salad.”
Why Is Asian Salad Still on the Menu?” asked Bonnie Tsui, saying that “something created in the name of Asians by non-Asians [and] has become a touchstone for non-Asians.”

Tsui described having seen the option during her visit at a San Francisco location, sparking her ire.

“I thought about its grand imprecision, which irritated me as a Chinese-American. And I wondered, who cooked up this thing,” she recalled. “I was reasonably sure it wasn’t anyone Asian.”

Even though Greeks and Italians have the same treatment in American culinary cuizine – Dominos does not serve authentic pizza – Tsui still feels the Asians have been targeted by a racist patriarch somewhere.