VIDEO: Two Muslim Women Casually Encourage Beating Disobedient Wives

Stuck with a disobedient wife? No problem, just go ahead and give them a smacking, says two Muslim women in a half-hour long video extolling the importance of husbands dominating their wives with an iron fist.

The video, produced by the Islamic group Hibz ut-Tahrir in Australia, features a lecture with two hijab-clad Muslim women about the virtue of wife battering, even citing the verse in the Koran that encourages it. The two women, Reem Allouche and Atika Latifi, call the act “a beautiful gift from Allah.”

At 27:40 in the video, Latifi lists the offences that merit a beating, including infidelity, disobedience, and “letting anyone into the home who husband dislikes.”

Three measures are recommended – advise them first, leave them alone in bed, and hit them…

[First] warn her against disobedience. If it produce the desired result [then stop].

If it doesn’t, then the other measure he can use as husband can refuse to share the bed with her, and not being intimate with her, by not sleeping.

And if this doesn’t work, and it does not bring the desired effect, then the third measure that is permitted – I want to make this very clear, he is permitted, not obliged, not encouraged, but he is permitted to hit her.

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