Confederate Appreciation Demonstration Held in Harrison

Over Memorial Day Weekend, League of the South, The Knights Party,  Shield Wall Network, and White Lives Matter gathered together along U.S. Hwy 62-65 in the heart of Harrison, Arkansas and demonstrated their support of White Christian America. States’ rights, a founding ideal of America and central to the Confederate States of America is now represented by the Confederate Flag. The League of the South did a fantastic job putting this event together and we certainly appreciate everyone who came out, including the many friends and supporters of The Knights. The reception was fantastic and young and old, men and women, wealthy, working, and middle class, showed their support with car beeps, thumbs up, waves, and verbal approval.

The Redneck Revolt, a Marxist styled organization that is in alliance with Black Lives Matter, LaRaza, and other anti-white, anti-American, and anti-Christian organizations originally planned a protest in Harrison, Arkansas in response to the Klan and the Faith and Freedom conference sponsored by The Knights Party. They subsequently cancelled. However, many area residents are still sickened by this attempted anti-Christian invasion of Harrison. Harrison is a wonderful town with upright citizens, family values, and friendly people. The Harrison area voted overwhelmingly for Trump as did the majority of white people. People like RedNeck Revolt went for Clinton – anti-white and anti-America!