High school bans pro-life club, allows gay club

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania, May 19, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Administrators at a Pennsylvania high school said “yes” to gay-straight alliance clubs and political science clubs but “no” to pro-life clubs because they are too “controversial” and “political.”

Last fall, senior Elizabeth Castro and junior Grace Schairer attempted at Parkland High School to start a Students for Life club. Parkland already has a gay-straight alliance club, a political science club, a fashion club, a chess club, and other student-led groups.

They were told they needed an adviser. They got one, who later withdrew. But by March, they had an adviser and were all set to start the “Trojans for Life” club.

They soon found out the real problem: Parkland High officials didn’t want a pro-life club at school.

After going through the entire process to start a group and securing an adviser, the assistant principal turned them down, saying a pro-life club was too “controversial” and “political.”

Undaunted, the pro-lifers sent an email to the assistant principal on April 6, asking what they could do so that Trojans for Life could exist alongside Parkland’s political club, gay-straight alliance, and other student groups. They received no answer.

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