University of Maryland students demand ‘hate speech’ be classified as ‘cult activity’

President proposes $100k for diversity efforts, ‘hate-bias task force’; student group demands more

In the wake of the murder of Lt. Richard Collins III at the University of Maryland, a student group has issued demands that “hate speech” be classified as a “cult activity” on campus, and that the university implement a “zero-tolerance policy regarding hate-bias incidents.”

The president of the university, in turn, has pledged that the school will “clarify [the] Code of Student Conduct to strengthen sanctions for hate and bias” and “carefully consider the enactment of stiffer sanctions when conduct is found to be motivated by hate or bias.”

Collins, 23, a black Bowie State University student who was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army two days before his death, was fatally stabbed while waiting at a bus stop by Sean Urbanski. Because of Urbanski’s association with an allegedly white supremacist Facebook group, the murder is being investigated by the FBI as a hate crime. (The administrators of the Facebook group have claimed that it is satirical and not sincere.)

A flurry of demands were issued by a student group following the murder, demanding the university do more to combat both “hate bias” and “hate speech. The group, known as ProtectUMD, started a petition on the “racial justice” site, an “online civil rights organization.” The group demanded the university do more to “to expand the consequences for hate speech.”

On the same day, university President Wallace Loh sent a message to the university announcing a number of measures in response to the murder, which included a “rapid-response team for any hate bias incident,” an additional $100,000 for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, an “annual report of all hate-bias incidents on campus,” and a “task force on hate-bias and campus safety.”

The president expressed hope that the task force would “engage the entire UMD community on difficult issues at the intersections of free speech, hate speech, and freedom of association.”

Following Loh’s proposals, ProtectUMD issued four additional demands including asking the university to “consider hate speech incidents on the campus as ‘cult activity,’” and to “implement a zero-tolerance policy regarding hate bias incidents,” the Diamondback campus newspaper reports

A nearly 20-year-old University System of Maryland policy defines cult activity as group activities that innocently or intentionally cause “demonstrable physical, psychological or emotional harm to students [and interferes] substantially with the education mission of the institution.”

The group also demanded that the university conduct “environmental scans” in the wake of a “hate bias incident.” These “scans” would “examine how students, faculty and staff react in the following days,” the Diamondback reports.

Lastly, the group demanded that University of Maryland students would hold at least 50 percent of the seats on Loh’s proposed task force.

The College Fix asked the school’s Black Student Union—the managers of the petition—for clarification about the sanctions they would like to see leveled in response to hate speech. The student group did not return comment.



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