Is a Christian Purge coming?

“Hold your tongue, change your attitude or either voluntarily or involuntarily be mustered out.”

Those were the words of homosexual activist Mikey Weinstein to Christian soldiers.

Weinstein heads an anti-Christian organization, falsely called the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation.”

And once again, Weinstein is leading the charge against Christianity in uniform.

He first made national headlines two years ago when he was hired to be the Pentagon’s religious liberty consultant.

Weinstein’s first order of business was to declare all chaplains who openly share their faith or evangelize as “spiritual rapists.”

Despite Weinstein’s threats, Christian chaplains in all branches of the Armed Forces refused to silence their religious testimonies.

Commander Wes Modder, a chaplain in the Navy, was court martialed when the Homosexual Lobby managed to trump up charges against him with the help of a disgruntled homosexual in Modder’s office.

Weinstein’s hatred of Christians is so great he even penned an article gloating over this chaplain’s fate:

“Modder is being justly punished” for his “bigoted behavior” and “hatred” — “for acting on Federally OUTLAWED beliefs.”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now the Homosexual Lobby is seeking to make their radical agenda mandatory for chaplains and soldiers by using the Supreme Court’s decision against Real Marriage.

In other words, believing in Real Marriage could soon be grounds for a court-martial.

Refuse to congratulate a lesbian officer on her “marriage?” Court-martial.

Get caught supporting a pro-Family organization like your Public Advocate? Court-martial.

Post a Bible verse in your cubicle? Court-martial — or even discharge. And we’ve seen it happen.

And one member of the U.S. Armed Services was threaten with a court-martial for stopping a brutal homosexual assault on a young boy.

Weinstein and his allies want our Armed Forces completely devoid of any Christian influence.

And if Weinstein gets his way, soon all it will take to receive a court martial is to simply believe in Real, Biblical Marriage.

Many servicemen and women have already been punished for standing up for Traditional Family Values and Real Marriage.

And I’ve written you before about a Marine receiving a bad conduct discharge for displaying a Bible verse on her desk.

Unless Public Advocate comes to their aid, it will only get worse!

That’s why I need you to sign your “First Amendment Defense Act” petition right now.

You see, pro-Family champion Senator Mike Lee’s (R-UT) bill is designed specifically to eliminate discrimination against Christians by the federal government.

And even though Public Advocate’s efforts have gained support for the bill in the Senate…

…Weak-kneed Republican leadership won’t schedule a vote until they think enough pro-Family Americans support it.

Click here to sign your “First Amendment Defense Act” petition.

And by chipping in $10 or $25, you will allow Public Advocate to recruit petition signatures from thousands of supporters.

I hope you’ll help Public Advocate be the voice of pro-Family Americans.

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