WATCH: Dana Loesch Rips Women’s March Hypocrisy In Epic Interview “I will not be lectured to!”

TheBlaze TV host and conservative commentator Dana Loesch blasted “fake feminists” during a Fox News appearance on Thursday.

Speaking to host Tucker Carlson, she called out the organizers of the Women’s March who are planning a protest of the National Rifle Association after the left began to attack an ad they put out featuring Loesch having sharp criticism of left-wing rioters and criminals.

Carlson opened by sarcastically asking if she was going to the Women’s March.

“Oh, Tucker, it’s not the Women’s March, it’s only “Some Women’s March,” she replied. “They don’t like pro-life women’s group. They don’t like women who want to be empowered to use the Second Amendment to defend themselves, so I wasn’t invited. They don’t really like all women.”

“I’ve noticed that,” said Carlson. “If there was a Men’s March who only accepted certain type of men, men who believed only have a certain set of things that I happen to not believe and yet they claim to speak for all men, it would drive me crazy. How do you feel as a woman watching this march presenting every woman?”

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