Breaking News; Mueller Investigation Could Expose Corruption In Hillary Campaign And DNC

Liberals are hanging on Robert Mueller’s next move.

Mueller and his team have been highly secretive with their investigation into President Trump’s alleged ties with Russia.

But new information suggests that Mueller and his team could potentially uncover damaging corruption inside Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

The Washington Times reported:

“Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel of the Russia election interference probe presents an opportunity for the FBI to inspect the Democratic Party computers that U.S. intelligence concluded were penetrated by Kremlin-directed hackers, cybersecurity analysts say.

The Democratic National Committee did not allow the FBI to physically inspect its machines, including servers.

There is no public indication that any government agency has ever looked at the machines, prompting some former intelligence people to question the findings.

Instead, the DNC  — and thus the FBI — relied heavily on the conclusions of counterhacking firm CrowdStrike, which the Democrats invited in to investigate the computers.

CrowdStrike’s executive team has included former FBI officials close to Mr. Mueller.

A major CrowdStrike investor is Google, whose founders work with Democrats.

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