New Study: Only 4% of Millennials Have a Biblical Worldview

A generation that has grown up with pop culture, instant access to media of all types and daily bombardment of “alternative lifestyle” messaging is struggling in more ways than one.

Millennials — those aged anywere form 18-29 in 2017 — have a shockingly low biblical worldview according to a new research study by the American Faith & Culture Institute. Only about 4% of Millennials have a truly biblical world vies, in contrast to 16% of their grandparents and 7% of their parents.

What makes this generation so secular – and will this trend continue?

Education in our public schools places a heavy emphasis on culture and entertainment that directly contradicts the biblical world view and influences outside of the family could be to blame, according to the study. About 90% of kids in the US go to public schools – where religion and religious expression is openly mocked, deplored or outright banned.

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