POLL MAJOR Support For Trump’s Immigration Reforms

Immigration reform advocates are showing 10 Senators up for election in 2018 that their voters strongly support President Donald Trump’s wage-boosting merit-based reform plan.

The data comes from 10 polls in 10 swing states conducted by NumbersUSA, a pro-reform group which is trying to pressure Senators in those states to either support or be neutral in the populist versus elite fight over immigration and the nation’s cheap-labor economic strategy.

In Michigan, for example, where Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow is up for election, the poll shows that 61 percent of people “strongly” support “setting up rules to ensure that businesses give first preference for jobs to American workers and legal immigrants already in this country before businesses can ask for new immigrant workers.” Only 10 percent “somewhat” or “strongly” oppose that rule.

The Michigan poll also showed that 74 percent of people say “business should be required to try harder to recruit and train from groups with the highest unemployment,” while only 11 percent said, “government should continue to bring in new immigrants to compete for jobs.”

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