TEXAS Having Trouble Passing Bathroom Bill

Even in a red state like Texas, a transgender bathroom law, known as Senate Bill 6, has caused a tremendous amount of controversy in the capital city of Austin. The state senate, led by Lt. Dan Patrick, is working to vote on the bill during the last week of July as the 30-day special session moves closer to ending.

The issue has sparked emotional debate on both sides of the aisle. The Texas senate Democrats voted almost entirely against the bill, with only one voting in favor.

However, things seemed to have stalled in the state house, where establishment Republican speaker Dan Patrick is refusing to move the bill through committee according to The New York Times.

The bill has become a somewhat sensitive topic in the Lone Star State. If passed, it would override city and county authority over the issue and require transgender individuals at public schools, government buildings, and public universities to use the restrooms of their biological sex after growing parental concerns about the nature of allowing anyone into a bathroom.

With growing pressure from left-wing advocacy group and progressive businesses, even the Republican-controlled state legislature seems to be caving.

The state house is considering a less-restrictive bill proposed by Representative Jonathan Stickland, a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus, but he doubts it will even get to a debate.

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