Law School Revokes Event Sponsorship Because Hearing ‘Conservative Viewpoint’ Might Be ‘Painful’

Washington Free Beacon

The dean of Seattle University’s law school revoked the school’s scholarship of a Federalist Society event, arguing it could be “harmful” to minority students to hear a conservative viewpoint.


The school’s chapter of the Federalist Society, a national organization that promotes originalism in the context of constitutional interpretation, was scheduled to hold a debate on illegal immigration.

A petition on from the “Seattle University School of Law Direct Action Committee” called on the administration to cancel stop the debate.


Nonetheless, the petition worked. Law school dean Annette Clark announced to students in a Thursday email that while the event wouldn’t be canceled, it would “go forward under the sole sponsorship of the Federalist Society.”


The school “miscalculated and erred,” Clark said, saying that the Access to Justice Institute should have asked “marginalized” students their thoughts before sponsoring the event.