Radical Left’s Chelsea Handler Dumps Netflix For New Role

Jewess is getting a new shtick to promote her anti-Christian crusade in the political areana. (Altright TV)

Hollywood and the American political left have seemingly always had a symbiotic relationship with one another, and this week has provided no exceptions.

Just days ago we were reminded of the corruption that runs rampant in both camps as Hillary Clinton’s foundation refused to return or re-donate massive donations made by disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein.  The movie mogul has now been accused by over sixty women of sexually inappropriate behavior ranging from harassment to rape – actions that have apparently not moved The Clinton Foundation to sever their ties with Weinstein’s money.

As far as Hollywood turning to politicking goes, the system has been in place for some time.  Celebrity status has long afforded many misguided debutantes with a soapbox from which to preach their beliefs, many of which have been cultivated in the unrealistic bubble of fame, and bear no resemblance to the reality of everyday Americans.  The latest to make this move from the small screen to the podium may very likely be Chelsea Handler, comedienne and talk show host that was already relegated to the low rung of Netflix stardom.

“Chelsea Handler says she is ending her weekly Netflix talk show after two seasons in order to focus on political activism.

“Handler says in a statement that she plans to devote as much time as she can to become ‘a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen’ and take on projects that have personal significance. The comedian adds that her goal is to be better informed and ‘participate in a more meaningful way.’”

Of course, as with any publicity stunt in Hollywood, there was one enormous catch that Handler hoped would fly below the radar:

“Handler says a Netflix documentary is in the works where she will engage with ‘people of different ethnicities, religions and political philosophies.’”

So, in reality, Handler is simply refocusing her marketing efforts in order to tackle more serious subject matter without the stigma of her past silliness hanging like a comedic albatross around her neck.

The crude and often risqué television host made headlines just months ago after a limited run series on Netflix aired episodes in which the comedienne participated in a number of subcultures, including a journey into the world of drugs in which Handler promoted the use of heavy psychedelic hallucinogens.