Professor: College Admissions Is a “System of White Supremacy”

Isaiah Denby, Red Alert Politics

A student group called “Asians for Black Lives” is turning heads in Texas. The group, which seems to follow the standard principles of the Black Lives Matter movement, breaks the mold in one way–their membership.


The group pushes standard Black Lives Matter talking points and recently held an event on affirmative action.

Asians for Black Lives hosted University of Texas-Austin Associate Professor Eric Tang of the African and African Diaspora Studies department to speak. According to Tang’s faculty profile, his interests include “Racism & Anti-racism; The Poetics of Displacement; Urban unrest; Activist research.”


“To say that we have affirmative action in the United States and that we need to defend it is not entirely correct,” Tang stated. “Affirmative action means to engage in activity or policy that corrects past historical injustices. You can think of it as reparations.”

Tang shockingly called UT-Austin’s admissions process a system of white supremacy.

“A system that has routinely kept African-American numbers below 12 percent, despite having had a history of excluding them, is a system of white supremacy,” Tang expressed.