Melania Trump Projected to Spend Millions Less than Michelle Obama

Melania Trump is kicking butt at being First Lady of the United States and she has no plans of stopping anytime soon!

It is projected that Trump will have saved MILLIONS less than her predecessor Michelle Obama by 2020. She has been able to save so much by employing a significant less amount of staff.

When Obama was FLOTUS, she kept 16 people employed in her office during the first year alone, which totaled $1.24 million!

Milo reports:

In contrast, Melania has employed just four people as of June spending just $486,700 on salaries, according to the White House’s annual staffing report to Congress.

Names, positions, and salaries of all the White House staff were listed on the report. Both the Obama and Trump administrations noted additional staffers were employed, however, the title of “first lady” was not listed on the report.

Taking those staffers into account, Melania’s payroll is still smaller than Michelle Obama. The Obama administration employed 24 people with the East Wing while the Trump administration East Wing employs only nine people.

According to the First Lady’s spokesperson, her approach to staffing is intentional.

Forbes reports that President Trump has followed a plan similar to Melania when it comes to hiring employees. Overall, this administration has employed 110 less people than Obama did.

Forbes has predicted that this will save the current administration $22 million.