Media Admits Extent of the Rand Paul Assault

The seriousness of the Rand Paul assault wasn’t known when the charge was made against the attacker.

It looks like the mainstream media is acknowledging the seriousness of the Rand Paul assault. And the official story now includes an explanation for why the accused assailant was charged with such a minor crime. Apparently, not even Rand Paul realized the severity of his wounds right after the attack. Hopefully, the prosecutor will increase that charges in light of better information.

And also, hopefully, the mainstream media will be more skeptical of the explanation from a defense attorney.

The Washington Post reports, “Rand Paul’s injuries remain shrouded in mystery as alleged attacker pleads not guilty.

It remains unclear whether more serious federal and state felony charges are on the way, with Kentucky State Police and FBI investigations continuing.

New details emerged Thursday about the day of the attack, when five hours apparently elapsed from the time police responded to Paul’s home to the moment they arrested Boucher.

But the mysterious nature of the attack remained unsolved. Police, and Paul himself, were unaware initially just how serious his injuries were — and Paul did not immediately seek medical attention, police said. In addition, no new evidence emerged Thursday to help explain a motive for the altercation.

“During the initial investigation, all indications pointed toward a minor injury to the Senator,” Trooper Jeremy Hodges, a spokesman for the Kentucky State Police, said in a text message, explaining why it took five hours to arrest Boucher. “He had not been checked by a doctor. We can’t arrest for a misdemeanor assault without a warrant in Kentucky unless it’s domestic violence-related or it happens in an officer’s presence.”

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