John Kerry Encourages Radical Islamists To Resist Trump

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has picked up what appears to be a pro-bono consulting gig for the anti-Semitic Holocaust denier who serves as president of the Palestinian Authority.


In what appears to be an attempt to further garner influence with the Palestinians (and get them to resist and wait out President Trump), Kerry reportedly told them that he is considering running for president in 2020.

These comments should come as no surprise to pro-Israel observers. As secretary of state, Kerry took every opportunity to publicly castigate the Jewish state, while ignoring the very real atrocities being committed by rogue nations worldwide.

Days before ending his tenure as secretary of state, Kerry falsely claimed that Israel’s center-right coalition is led by “extremist settlers” and said Israel had no interest in peace with the Palestinians. In a long-winded speech, Kerry promoted a moral equivalence between the free, democratic Israel and terror-supporting Palestinian entities.

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