America is entering the “age of censorship.”

But you and I have a chance to make sure the future of Religious Liberty is safe from that.

Thanks to a bill known as the PROSPER Act (H.R. 4508), religious universities will no longer fear losing their tax-exempt status for following their beliefs.

You see, under the current laws, a religious university choosing to follow their faith could be targeted by the government for “discrimination.”

These same laws affect student religious groups’ ability to freely practice their beliefs at non-religious universities.

But if the PROSPER Act becomes law, these universities and student Christian groups no longer have to fear.

And that’s not all.

This bill also forces colleges to declare their speech policies so changes cannot be made for specific speakers.

That would end incidents like we saw at UC Berkeley, where university leadership would change its policies so conservative speakers couldn’t speak on their campus.

That is not only important for Religious Liberty, but is crucial to ensure that the First Amendment is protected on every campus across the nation.

I am tired of seeing Christians attacked because they choose to follow their faith, and seeing them persecuted for their refusal to bow down to the radical Homosexual Agenda.

And the PROSPER Act would be the first step to stop just that.

That’s why Public Advocate is going to pressure Congress to pass this crucial bill.

But I cannot do this on my own.

You see, Public Advocate doesn’t have secret allies on Capitol Hill or slush funds from billionaire activists like the Homosexual Lobby.

Public Advocate does have an army of God-fearing Americans like you to take a stand and fight back.

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