COLLUSION! Michael Moore Attended Anti-Trump Rally Organized By Russian Government Agents


After a year and a half of claiming that Republicans colluded with the Russian government to steal the election for Donald Trump, it turns out that any coordination thus far uncovered between Trump campaign officials and Russian sources was unwitting, according to an indictment delivered by the Mueller grand jury.

Someone else, it turns out, was caught in the same Russian trap: Michael Moore.

Moore attended an anti-Trump rally organized by Russian sources. Moore didn’t know that the sources were Russian, but no matter — according to the standards of the Left, this amounts to collusion. Here’s Moore at the event:

At today’s Trump Tower protest. He wouldn’t come down. Here’s my Facebook Live coverage:

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) November 13, 2016

The “Trump Is NOT My President” rally did not draw huge numbers.

But clearly, we have a massive scandal in the making here: Michael Moore worked with Russian sources to make America’s political scene more chaotic. Just wait until we find out how many of Moore’s Broadway tickets were bought up by the Kremlin.

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