Former Democratic Congressional Candidate Stands by Claim She’s Given Up on White People

Thomas Phippen, Daily Caller

After losing the Democratic primary to a white incumbent, former Colorado congressional candidate Saira Rao has decided it is time to “give up on white people.”


Rao, the daughter of Indian immigrants, challenged long-time Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette in the Denver congressional district, but only received 31 percent of the vote.

{snip} “It’s incumbent on white people and not people of color to solve it,” Rao said, just as it’s incumbent on men to solve sexism.

If white people dislike being lumped in with white supremacists, that is because of their “white fragility,” Rao added.

Though she was running as a Democrat, Rao wrote in December column for The Huffington Post that she had broken up with the party after noticing “that the love has been one-sided.”


“You continue to call angry white men who commit mass murder ‘lone wolves.’ But if someone who looks like me screams ‘Allah’ and fires a gun, it’s “terrorism,’” Rao wrote.

In The Times opinion piece that Rao shared, Emory University professor George Yancy writes that after he shared a letter containing death threats responding to his public statements, he wishes he had told his students the truth that Americans will never “be honest about their hatred of black people.”