White Pool Attendant Accused of Racial Profiling Fired from Factory Job

Jennifer Smith and Matthew Wright, Daily Mail

White father, 40, who was accused of racial profiling after demanding that a black woman show him her ID to use their community pool is fired from his job after video of their spat goes viral

Jennifer Smith and Matthew Wright, Daily Mail, July 6, 2018

The white man accused of racial profiling for asking that a black woman at his community pool show him her ID to prove she was entitled to be there has been fired from his job as a result of their row.

Adam Bloom, 40, was named on Friday as a video of his confrontation with Jasmine Edwards, a young mother, went viral.

The pair met at the community pool near their homes in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Bloom, the pool ‘chair’ and a member of the local community homeowners association, asked Edwards for proof that she was a resident.

First, he asked for her address then, she said, he demanded ID to prove that she lived where she said she did.

The cops were then called to the scene and their argument was caught on video. Edwards posted footage of it on Facebook later.

In response to it, Sonoco, the packaging company where Bloom worked, fired him on Friday. He worked as a Value Realization Leader, according to his now-deleted LinkedIn page.


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