Democrats Blame, Shame ‘White Women’ for Losses in Key States

Emily Zanotti, Daily Wire


It took until the exit polls emerged for Democrats to finally settle on a satisfactory scapegoat: white women who had defied their fealty oaths to the Democratic party and the edicts of feminism to cast ballots for Republican Ted Cruz in Texas, Republican Ron DeSantis in Florida, and Republican Brian Kemp in Georgia.

The attacks were swift and merciless, as feminists and leftists alike descended on white women voters, accusing them of betraying their gender by selecting a candidate of their choice based on their needs rather than following marching orders from the feminist movement.

“Radical feminist” author Mona Eltahawy declared white women who voted for Republicans in Florida, Georgia, and Texas “foot-soldiers of the Patriarchy.”

Later on in Mona’s Twitter temper tantrum she attempted to substantiate her claims by citing a feminist author who suggested in a real paper that Republican women actively trade their electoral agency for the protection of their Patriarchal overlord, voting against their own interests — which obviously align with the Democratic party — for the safety and security of oppression.


Next, a writer from Rolling Stone attempted to “mansplain” white female voters by suggesting that they knowingly vote on behalf of their chosen member of the Patriarchy — their husband, father, or brother — as a trade off. Because if there’s anyone who knows what women think, it’s a man.

“White women are a Republican constituency, and in many states they again voted as if patriarchy would protect them, {snip} [Jamil] Smith whined, implying that women are “selling out” their gender-sisters to keep their husband’s happy.


It is possible, of course, that white women regularly interact with other people, and that they believe — independently of the men who apparently rule their behavior — that conservative policies might better provide for their friends and neighbors.

That’s crazy though, of course. Who would believe women could think independently?

{snip} So, if we’re following the logic here, it’s fine to vote the same way everyone else in your demographic votes, so long as you fully and completely ascribe to leftist principles.


Former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill laid the blame for Tuesday’s losses squarely at the feet of white feminists.

And the Women’s March condescendingly suggested that further training and re-indoctrination is needed to bring errant feminists, who may have caused last night’s disaster, back into the fold.


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