Why Democrats Hate White Men

From newsweek.com ▼  Alexandra Hutzler 

Ann Coulter says when Democrats take back control of the House of Representatives in January, there’s only one thing that will connect the diverse group of lawmakers: hatred of white men.

“They all hate one another,” Coulter said, discussing the alleged discord between members of the Democratic Party.

“I mean you, have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with the college queers,” Coulter said, apparently describing the new group of Democrats elected to Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The incoming class is the most diverse in history and includes the first Muslim congresswomen and the first Native American congresswoman.

“The only thing that keeps the Democratic base together is for them to keep focusing on: ‘No, white men are the ones keeping you down, you must hate white men.’ It’s the only thing they all have in common,” Coulter added as she appeared on Fox News as a guest on The Ingraham Angle on Tuesday.