Hundreds of Migrants Cross Arizona Border

January 30, 2019

Geneva Sands, CNN, In the early morning hours Thursday, several busloads of migrants were dropped off on Highway 2 in Mexico, just south of the Arizona border. “They walked about 100 yards, climbed under and […]


Nathan Phillips Is a Liar, Not a Victim,

January 24, 2019

The Indian, Nathan Phillips, needs to apologize to all the Covington High School kids for lying about them, and for attempting to provoke those kids with his stupid drum. Also, he needs to apologize for […]


White Nationalist Posters Found Around UTSG

January 24, 2019

Andy Takagi, The Varsity Posters that read “If everyone is Canadian, then to be Canadian means nothing” were found along St. George Street and Bloor Street on Monday night, in promotion of a group called […]