Amherst student government threatens to derecognize College Republicans for mild private jokes

Not everyone was thrilled when Amherst College released a “Common Language Guide” last month that defined terms such as “isms,” claimed capitalism “leads to exploitative labor practices,” and even derided use of the term “equality.”

The College Republicans chapter joked about it in private GroupMe messages. The jokes were fairly mild, given the subject matter.

You can guess what happened next.

Their messages were leaked to the campus newspaper The Student, which published them. The student government’s Judiciary Council met privately last week and told the student body Tuesday that it’s forcing the CRs’ executive board members and members-elect to step down, The Student reports.

The Judiciary Council also claims to have the authority to ban the current and elected members from serving on executive boards for any other registered student organization “for the remainder of their college careers.”

And finally, it’s forcing them to publish a formal statement in The Student “affirming that they condemn hate speech specifically with regards to the widely circulated incident from their GroupMe before the end of the academic year.”

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