Trump Mocked for Late Night Rage Tweet Against Bette Midler: Evidence of ‘Serious Psychiatric Issues’

President Donald Trump was mocked on Twitter after he began rage tweeting during the early hours of the morning London time.

Trump, who is currently visiting the U.K., began his 1 a.m. tweetstorm by attacking “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer,” who he called “a creep” and accused of wanting “our country to fail with drugs,” but the main focus of his anger was reserved for actress Bette Midler, as she recently tweeted and deleted a false quote attributed to the president.

“Washed up psycho @BetteMidler was forced to apologize for a statement she attributed to me that turned out to be totally fabricated by her in order to make ‘your great president’ look really bad,” he tweeted in response to the Oscar-winning performer deleting a post that falsely claimed Trump once said he would run for president as a Republican because he saw conservatives as dumb enough to vote for him.

“She got caught, just like the Fake News Media gets caught. A sick scammer!” he added.

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