Democrats are losing ‘the greatest campaign slogan you can have’ for taking back the Senate in 2020: MSNBC analyst

Speaking Nancy Pelosi is endangering the efforts of Democrats to win back control of the United States Senate, Professor Jason Johnson explained on Thursday.

Johnson criticized Pelosi for refusing to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump

“Essentially what you have Nancy Pelosi saying is we have a monster here,” And you can use holy water and garlic but don’t use the silver bullter even if we have it in the chamber, literally, the House chamber,” Johnson said.

“It doesn’t make sense and it makes her leadership sound weak. I’m down here. I saw a speech by Maxine Waters,” he continued. “Nancy Pelosi is speaking against her own base and speaking against her own leadership at this point, there is no strategy at this point, certainly not one that people are agreeing with.”

Johnson said that forcing Senators to vote on Trump’s impeachment could help Democrats win back the chamber in 2020.

“And putting them on the line and Republicans have to say, during, right before an election year, this is why I want to keep a president who is engaging in possibly illegal activities in office. That’s the greatest campaign slogan you can have,” he argued. “And she is denying that to this country.”

*story published by RAWSTORY