Judge goes easy on illegal alien MS-13 gang member convicted of a ‘horrific frenzy of violence’

An unbelievable attack that could have been prevented

An illegal alien MS-13 gang member was given a lenient sentence by a judge despite pleading from the victims’ families after he was convicted of what prosecutors called a “horrific frenzy of violence.”

18-year-old Josue Portillo pleaded guilty to murdering four young men in 2017, and faced life in prison, but the judge instead opted to sentence him to 55 years in prison.

Central Islip Judge Joseph Bianco cited the murderer’s age and the plea deal in his decision.

Portillo admitted to the stabbing murder of four suspected rival gang members in a Central Islip municipal park. Prosecutors called it a “horrific frenzy of violence” which included bludgeoning of the victims with tree limbs.

Lourdes Banega, the mother of one of the victims, said she was in therapy to deal with the horrific killing of her son.

“Two years ago, we were a happy family,” Banega said. “And he destroyed everything. Everything.

“My dreams were gone the night that Portillo killed my son,” she added as she sobbed.


Portillo’s lawyer argued in court that his client was handed a bad deal in life, starting when he was abandoned by his parents in El Salvador to be raised by his 68-year-old grandmother.

Portillo said through an interpreter that he was “consumed by soccer, girls and marijuana,” as an MS-13 gang member.

His lawyer says he plans to appeal the sentence.

President Donald Trump has made law enforcement action against the members of the vicious MS-13 street gang a focus of his administration.

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