Track Star Selina Soule Speaks Out After Losing To Transgender Woman

High school track star Selina Soule is speaking out after losing a spot in the girls track championship to two biological males.

Soule missed her opportunity to compete in the New England regionals after finishing behind two transgender women in the race. Now Soule is speaking out, and she is using the legal system to try to regain her Title IX rights.

Soule and Alliance Defending Freedom(ADF) attorney Christiana Holcomb joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Monday night to discuss Soule’s next steps. Holcomb said that the ADF is filing a Title IX complaint on behalf of Soule and other athletes suffering from similar circumstances.


“I have been vocal since earlier this winter, and my mother has been for about a year now,” Soule said.

Soule said the reaction to her decision to speak out has been mostly positive among her teammates, but that she has experienced some “retaliation” from coaches.

“I’ve gotten some very difficult requests for me to complete in practice and if I don’t fulfill these requests then I can’t compete at all,” she said. “And this never happened before. It only started after my parents met with the school principal.”

When asked by Carlson if there was any chance Soule’s situation would be “undone,” Holcomb sounded optimistic.

“Girls like Selina should never be forced to be spectators in their own sports,” Holcomb said. “Title IX was designed to ensure that girls had a fair shake at athletics.”

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