Matt Gaetz: I’m Going to Press Charges Against Woman Who Pelted Me With Beverage

After becoming the first American to be victimized by the social media trend of throwing milkshakes at right-wing politicians, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) announced he plans on pressing charges against the person who tossed a beverage at him.

“I had a circumstance just a few weeks ago where someone threw a drink at me leaving a town hall meeting. I am going to press charges,” Gaetz wrote in a tweet on today. “It’s really important to send a message that we as conservatives have a right to our views — just like anybody else. We’re not backing down.”


Gaetz appeared on Fox News last night and told host Sean Hannity that the beverage tosses are “why you really see the right really winning elections and winning the culture war.”

“If there are no consequences, then maybe it is me getting hit with a drink one time, but what if it is a member of my staff? What if instead of a drink it is acid or urine, or something else like that?” he added. “People that behave this way should face the consequences before a court.”

Prior to Gaetz getting hit with the beverage, numerous right-wing figures in the U.K. had been victimized in a similar fashion. A McDonald’s near a Nigel Farage rally even had to temporarily stop selling milkshakes over concerns of another beverage tossing attack.

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