Officials Link Six More Deaths to Illegal Alien and Mass Murderer Bill Chemirmir –Who Is Already Accused of Murdering 12 Elderly Women

Dallas officials in May reported that an illegal alien murdered at least 12 elderly women in a multi-year killing spree in the Dallas area.

Bill Chemirmir was charged with 12 capital murder indictments.
He smothered his victims and then stole their belongings.

Now this…
Police have linked six more murders to Bill Chemirmir.

The Dallas News reported:

A new series of lawsuits allege a serial murder suspect’s path of violence through Dallas and Collin counties was even wider than previously believed.

Billy Chemirmir, 46, was already accused of killing 12 elderly women in Dallas and Collin counties. The lawsuits allege six more elderly victims, including one man…

…After his arrest, police reviewed hundreds of deaths that previously had been blamed on natural causes. Last month, Chemirmir was indicted on 11 more capital murder charges.

Authorities believe the previously identified victims were smothered with a pillow while alone in their apartments or homes. The suits say the five new alleged female victims at The Tradition-Prestonwood died under similar circumstances.

The one man, Solomon Spring, was found in a pool of blood. According to the lawsuit filed in his death, the complex suggested Spring had fallen and hit his head.

*story by The Gateway Pundit