Ilhan Omar Accuses Border Patrol Agents of ‘Terrorizing’ Illegal Aliens – Says CBP Should Be ‘Eliminated From Existence’

Only Communists and Fascists use language like this.

Radical Democrat Rep Ilhan Omar (MN) said during an appearance on BET’s “Black Coffee Live,” that border patrol agents are terrorizing illegal aliens and that Congress should discuss ways to eliminate the agencies.

Omar called our immigration officials “rogue agencies” with “no accountability, no transparency in how they conduct their business.”

“We should be having a conversation about eliminating their existence. Reforming the agencies that deal with our most vulnerable,” Omar said.

“We are continuing to allow for them to terrorize people who are running away from the most horrific circumstances,” she added.


Sebastian Gorka slammed Omar after she trashed our border patrol agents and called for them to be eliminated.

Who uses language like:

“They should be ELIMINATED

Fascists and Communists.

That’s who.

Which are you @IlhanMN?

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) July 3, 2019

Why is Ilhan Omar still in Congress?

Evidence is mounting that Rep. Ilhan Omar married her own brother to defraud the US immigration system.

Recently released documents also show that Ilhan Omar may have filed several years of fraudulent tax returns and perjured herself while she was divorcing her husband-brother Ahmed Elmi.

No wonder why she wants to get rid of our immigration officials.

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