Masked Antifa Terrorists Get Tossed to the Ground as They Try to Push Past Police Line Near White House 

Antifa terrorists were out in full force in DC on Saturday with the intention of disrupting the “Defend Free Speech” rally.

Conservatives are holding a free speech rally in Freedom Plaza on Saturday and the Communist Antifa terrorists arrived to shut them down because they don’t believe in free speech.

The “Demand Free Speech” rally is meant to draw attention to conservatives who have been banned and shadowbanned by the tech tyrants because of their political views.

Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec and Milo Yiannopoulos are among some of the conservatives who are at the rally.

Masked Antifa terrorists showed up and tried to make it past the police line and they promptly got tossed to the ground.

Watch the police officer toss the Antifa thug to the ground:

Antifa protesters tried to break through the police cordon at 12th Street with Pennsylvania Ave. Quick response by @DCPoliceDept.

— Benjamin Alvarez (@BenjAlvarez1) July 6, 2019

Antifa black bloc marching toward the Defend Speech rally:

A group of masked Antifas has left the counter-protest rally area and is moving towards the #DefendFreeSpeech rally.

— Benjamin Alvarez (@BenjAlvarez1) July 6, 2019

Another scuffle between DC police officers and Antifa terrorists (language warning):

Scuffle between police and protesters dressed in black, some of who identified with antifa, outside @DemndFreeSpeech rally at about 12:40pm on corner of 14th St and Pennsylvania Ave. in D.C.

[deleted earlier video bc i had accidentally omitted parts of scuffle — sorry]

— Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs (@NickAtNews) July 6, 2019

Antifa in gas masks…what are they planning?

Antifa in a gas mask

*story by Gateway Pundit