New Christian marriage counseling book teaches women to blame themselves for cheating husbands

A new book written by Christian marriage counselor Tina Konkin advises women to blame themselves if they discover that their husbands are cheating on them with someone else.

Patheos reports that Konkin’s book, which is titled “How God Used ‘the Other Woman’: Saving Your Marriage after Infidelity,” tells readers how she learned to stop blaming her husband for cheating on her with another woman and instead asked herself what she could have done better to make her husband happier.

“It was time for me to look at all the negative stuff I’d dragged into my marriage,” Konkin writes in an excerpt published by Patheos. “I have to admit, though, that the question God was asking me was so difficult that I had to brace myself for what I would see. The thought that I had, in any way, participated in the affair or the degradation of my own marriage was like an emotional foreign invader.”

Although she admits that it was difficult to blame herself for something her husband did, she eventually resolved that “the way out of this mess wouldn’t include blaming my husband or friend.”

And this isn’t just one passage from the book, but the entire premise. In fact, the book’s description claims that it was God who asked Konkin, “What role did you play in this?” when she prayed for guidance about her marriage.

*story by RawStory