Trump Official Implies Hillary Clinton Had Jeffrey Epstein Killed Minutes After News Breaks

An official in the administration of President Donald Trump implied that former former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is responsible for Jeffrey Epstein‘s death just minutes after news of Epstein’s apparent suicide broke.

Shortly after reports of Epstein’s death began to circulate, Trump administration HUD official Lynne Patton posted a message to Instagram featuring a screenshot of an Epstein story, along with the message “Hillary’d!! P.S. Let me know when I’m supposed to feel badly about this… #VinceFosterPartTwo”.


Patton’s reference to Vince Foster is shorthand among conspiracy theorists for the false claim that the Clintons were involved in a death that was repeatedly investigated and ruled a suicide.

Conspiracy theories of varying degrees abounded on social media following the Epstein news, but one from a Trump official is particularly noteworthy.

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