Jailed: Trans woman carried out indecent act in Ludlow garden wearing nothing but furry boots

A trans woman who was caught carrying out an indecent act while wearing nothing but furry boots has been jailed after being told her behaviour was “revolting”.

Shrewsbury Crown Court

Nicola Watson, 55, was seen gallivanting in the garden of a Ludlow home and peering through bedroom windows on April 16 last year.

Nobody was in at the time but Watson, who was born a man and now identifies as a woman, was seen on the homeowner’s CCTV carrying out indecent acts.

The householder received a notification from her smart CCTV system, and saw the shocking footage on her phone.

Watson, who sat stony-faced in the dock, wearing a pink cardigan and a flower in her hair, was already a convicted sex offender, the court heard.

She was already serving a sentence until 2025 for sexual offences before this case came to court.

Judge Jonathan Gosling jailed her, telling her that she was guilty of a “self-indulgent act of exhibitionism”.

Prosecutor Kevin Jones told Shrewsbury Crown Court: “The defendant was wearing nothing but furry boots.”

He told the court she was carrying out indecent acts as she walked around a garden and was seen looking through a bedroom window.

He added: “The footage was forwarded to the police. She was arrested. She was shown the footage and was said to appear shocked, but gave a ‘no comment’ interview.

“A guilty plea was entered at the first available opportunity. She has nine previous convictions for 18 offences, including harassment in 1994 and 2007.”

Watson, of Ludlow, admitted knowingly trespassing on premises with intent to carry out a sexual offence.

Peter Hemming, defending Watson, said: “She has previous sexual offences on her record. She has not co-operated with the probation services.”

Judge Jonathan Gosling condemned Watson’s actions and told her she had greatly upset a number of people living in the area.

He said: “This was a revolting and self-indulgent act of exhibitionism. It caused the victim embarrassment and distress when they played back the images.”

He sentenced Watson to three years in prison to run concurrently with her current term., which will run concurrent with her current sentence.

*story by SHROPSHIRE Star